Brampton Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign raises funds to help Knights Table to alleviate poverty. 

Thank you to Tim Hortons restaurant owners in Brampton,  for their “Smile Cookie Campaign” which will help vulnerable people in Brampton.

A big thank you to the locals who purchased Smile Cookie and helped contribute towards alleviating poverty in our community.

“With ever decreasing funding and cut back on charitable donations, we are all thrilled to received such a significant financial contribution  of $101,296.15 from the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign this year. “ “Many individuals in our community are struggling with hunger, food security, and complex social issues. Every day hundreds of families, seniors, single parents, and homeless individuals rely on Knights Table for their daily nutrition and social support programs.”- Annie Bynoe, Executive Director.

As part of the campaign from September 16 –22, restaurant owners donated the full $1 from every freshly baked chocolate chunk Smile Cookie purchased to support charities in their community. such as Knights Table.

“I know all the other restaurants owners believe in giving back to back and it is such a pleasure to partner with Knights Table a local charity that does such impactful work in Brampton. Our team members craft each Smile Cookie with care and are proud to served them to guests who came in throughout the week to support such a great cause,” Tahl Tomlinson – Tomlinson  Group, Owner of 10 Tim Hortons Restaurants, Brampton.

The real magic behind the Smile Cookie campaign is the local impact and we’re excited to be able to support local charities, hospitals and community programs again this year. Our guests, restaurant owners and their team members can feel incredibly proud knowing that the money raised during the campaign directly supports local Tim Hortons communities.”-Mike Hancock, Chief Operating Officer,

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign Facts

  • In 2018, the Smile Cookie campaign raised $7.8million across Canada
  • For over 23years, we’ve been spreading smiles –the Smile Cookie campaign began in 1996 to help raise funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital in Ontario
  • The Smile Cookie campaign has grown to become a major fundraising event at Tim Hortons Restaurants
  • Nationally, Tim Hortons Restaurant owners support 550 local charities, hospitals and community programs through the Smile Cookie campaign.