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Bag a Solution for Poverty

You have the opportunity to be part of an exciting Knights Table fundraiser – Bag a Solution for Poverty. With this fundraiser, we aim to develop your critical thinking skills and raise awareness about many important social justice issues including hunger, poverty and homelessness.

How it works:

  • Write out your solution to end hunger, poverty and homelessness on the cue card provided and add it to the bag.
  • Be creative and use your critical thinking skills!
  • Add your toonie to the bag.

You are done!

Your solution will be posted on Knights Table’s website and Facebook fan page.

It’s fun, simple and gives you the opportunity to impact your community.

Donations over $20 will be given a tax receipt.  Thank you for your generosity!

Together we can end poverty.

Be the solution.

Click Here or call 905-454-8725 for registration information.