Join the Movement! Get Involved!

Knights Table is seeking Brampton’s support with its ” Pay It Forward Day”!

On Saturday July 27, 2019, let’s create a whirlwind effect in Brampton and make an impact in the Peel Region with acts of kindness.

Join the movement on this Saturday July 27 and pay it forward by brightening someone’s day.

Paying it forward is at the core of what we do at Knights Table.

Acts of kindness spark us all to be better people and it would be great to get you involved!

Paying-it-forward is such a powerful concept, we want to get you and as many community members, organizations, and businesses involved as possible, that one person can make a difference and help others in need.

The more momentum we can build, the better our community will be.

Saturday July 27, 2019 join the movement and  “Pay it Forward” and help Knights Table make a difference on an even greater scale.

The difference we can make together is phenomenal!

Print this card and  place it in your wallet as though this is a credit card.


On July 27, 2019, use this card and pay it forward with a good deed to someone on Brampton’s Pay It Forward Day!

The final   act of kindness is to Pay It Forward to Knights Table and also to return the card

Please share your Pay It Forward and acts of kindness stories on our website!