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287 Glidden Road, Unit 4 (Kennedy & Glidden)
Brampton, On L6W 1H9
Phone: 905-454-8725
Fax: 905-454-8947

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About Us

Brampton in Need

Shouldn’t every family have the right to pay rent and feed their children?

–          1 in 5 children in Peel live in Poverty

–          40% of our clients are children under the age of 10

–          We serve over 74,000 meals in the past year

–          40% of people living in Peel shelters are working

–          167,000 residents in Peel are living below the poverty line.

–          These families spend 64% of their household income on food and clothing

–          The unemployment rate in Brampton is approximately 6.6%

–          Our Pantry has over 500 families registered