For over 27 years Knights Table has served the needs of people dealing with issues of poverty and homelessness in the Peel Region. Driven by client needs, Knights Table is supported by a staff of 10 along with over 3,200 volunteers who are committed to assisting people who come through our doors.
The staff and volunteers assist the clients regardless of colour, culture, religion, economic status, gender, sexual orientation or social condition. We are supported by various levels of government, businesses, charitable foundations, groups, churches and individuals. With their assistance they make it possible for our doors to remain open 365 days a year to serve over 79,000 meals annually.
We are dedicated to inspiring all people to achieve their full potential. Knights Table helps by providing food bank, hot meals and other services to the people of Brampton who deal with the daily issues of hunger, poverty and homelessness.

Knights Table’s clients:

• 43% self-report a physical disability
• Mental illness affects more than 23% of our client group
• Over 26% are homeless
• 22% of our clients attend church
• 71% of our clients DO NOT have a criminal history

The work of Knights Table is made possible by the generous support of individuals, foundations, corporations, service groups and various levels of government.


Shouldn’t every family have the right to pay rent and feed their children?

• 1 in 5 children in Peel live in Poverty
• 40% of our clients are children under the age of 10
• Over 79,000 meals served.
• Over 700,000 pounds of food distributed to needy families
• 40% of people living in Peel shelters are working
• 167,000 residents in Peel are living below the poverty line.
• These families spend 64% of their household income on food and clothing
• The unemployment rate in Brampton is approximately 6.6%